The Indonesian government to receive the Covid-19 vaccine produced by AstraZeneca. The vaccine is expected to arrive around the end of February. “At the end of February or early March, there will be 4.6 (million doses) of AstraZeneca available,” said President Joko Widodo in an official statement on Saturday (20/2). Distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine is still being discussed. The vaccine is planned to be used in a limited capacity in one province.

Jokowi said this takes into account the people who have been vaccinated. The AstraZeneca vaccination is also carried out twice in a period of 1 to 2 months. “Only this is still in discussion at the Ministry of Health whether this will be devoted to one province, so that management is easier. This has not been decided yet,” Jokowi explained.

The arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine increases the number of Covid-19 vaccines provided by the government. Currently, the government has imported the vaccine produced by Sinovac. The Indonesian government also produces raw materials for the Sinovac vaccine. The production of the Sinovac vaccine is carried out by state-owned PT Bio Farma. 181.5 million people are targetted for Covid-19 vaccinations in Indonesia. Currently, vaccinations have been initiated for health workers and workers in the public sector. “Plus, the priority is the elderly that we started last week,” said Jokowi. Based on the Covid-19 Task Force report, as of Saturday (20/2), there have been 1.22 million people who have been vaccinated with the first dose and 732,634 people jabbed with the second dose.

Author: HL

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