Indonesia electronic Health Alert Card or eHAC is a mandatory application for any traveller from emerging diseases affected countries or areas.

The Indonesian government obligates the passengers to fill out eHAC as an effort to detect, prevent, and control Public Health Emergencies through Points of Entry such as airports, ferry terminals etc.

The eHAC application is used both in the arrival and departure areas. This digital validation comes into effect from February 1, 2021. By scanning the QR barcode in the eHAC application, the results of the Antigen or PCR test and even the vaccine record can be validated by the officer.

Currently, in the eHAC application, there are some menus that passengers need to click.

By clicking Pasporsehat, there is a list of all the selected hospitals/clinics, which passengers can choose to do their Covid test.

Prior to getting a QR barcode, the passenger should register first with hospital or clinic, from the Pasporsehat approved hospitals and clinics. After the hospital or clinic confirms your appointment, the passenger can immediately go there.

BIMC Hospital Kuta has already integrated with the eHAC system and Pasporsehat. Results of your Covid test is automatically displayed in the Pasporsehat menu of the eHAC application as a barcode.

Make sure on your Health Passport Portal Page to select BIMC Hospital Kuta to get your PCR swab or COVID Antigen swab test while you’re in Bali.

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