A year since the coronavirus pandemic surfaced, Indonesia is now getting a new test. The new coronavirus variant from the UK, which experts say is much more contagious than the Wuhan variant, has been confirmed in Indonesia.

“Last night I received information that exactly one year (from the start of the pandemic) we have found a B117 UK mutation in Indonesia. This is fresh from the oven; only last night we confirmed 2 cases,” said Deputy Health Minister Dante Saksono in a virtual press conference on Tuesday (2/3).

“What does this mean? It means that we will face this pandemic with an increasingly severe level of difficulty,” said Dante.

The new British variant is known from the 462 whole genome sequencing that has been performed. This must be quickly anticipated and acted upon by the Indonesian government.

“In recent months we have found 2 cases last night, and this reflection will create new challenges for us in the future to further develop research that is faster,” said Dante.

“Better treatment models and analytical epidemiological studies (are required) because this mutation process is already around us,” he concluded.

Author: HL

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