14 March 2021

Commemorating the start of the Hindu New Year, Nyepi Day marks one of the most unique religious celebrations in all the world – it is a day of complete silence where the entire island of Bali shuts down in total peace and quiet for 24 hours. Bali’s roads will be devoid of people, vehicles and activities and the Balinese people will spend the day fasting and resting in contemplation and meditation. It is observed from 6am to 6am the following day. Throughout these hours, everyone stays indoors, whether in family homes, resorts or villas and try to remain as quiet as possible. Not a single soul on the island of Bali will be allowed to work, seek entertainment or pleasure or even travel. In fact, many devout Hindus will not be talking or eating at all. When night falls, all of Bali is shrouded in pitch darkness while activities may still continue indoors under the covers of thick blackout curtains.  The only people to be seen outdoors are the Pecalang, traditional security men who patrol the streets to ensure the prohibitions are being followed. In most towns, villages and areas outside of major hotels and resorts, the local government has decreed that WIFI, Radio and TV signals must be turned off so that the spirit of Nyepi can be fully observed and appreciated.

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