Thailand is preparing to reopen for tourism, specifically for tourists who have been vaccinated.

As a country heavily dependent on the tourism sector, Thailand has issued a signal to welcome tourists again without mandating a two-week quarantine.

The policy will be specific to travelers who have vaccinated, as reported by The Independent.

As of last Friday (5/3), the Minister of Tourism of Thailand has announced that at least five provinces are ready to open their doors to foreign tourists.

The areas to open are:

1. Phuket
2. Surat Thani
3. Bangkok
4. Chiang Mai
5. Chonburi

Furthermore, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha has asked the government to confirm policies related to vaccines, as reported by Bloomberg media.

If all goes according to plan, it is reported that the policy will take effect this summer or July 1, 2021. The news was also announced by the #OpenThailandSafely campaign carried out by players in the Thai tourism industry.

The goal is that they can welcome back international tourists on July 1. The date chosen is believed to coincide with when vaccinations have been provided around the world.

As well as being deemed sufficient time to wait for tourists to be vaccinated, July 1 will also provide the opportunity for Thai medical authorities to vaccinate front-line staff as well as vulnerable local residents, and giving tourism industry players such as airlines and hotels time to prepare to welcome visitors.

Campaign organizers estimate that it will take about a year to return to pre-pandemic tourism figures.

Previously, Thailand had also allowed foreign tourists to enter. However, this is permitted if they agree to stay for several months and undergo two weeks of mandatory quarantine.

Author: HL

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