Covid-19 Task Force Spokesperson Wiku Adisasmito said that deaths due to the coronavirus in Indonesia had fallen consistently over the last three months. This is in contrast to the global trend, which has tended to increase.

Wiku said that the trend of increasing global Covid-19 deaths is occurring in Brazil, India and Italy.

“Although global levels have tended to increase, Indonesia has experienced a decline,” Wiku said in a press conference broadcast through the BNPB Indonesia YouTube channel on Thursday (25/3).

Wiku detailed the developments of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, which reached the highest cumulative death rate in January, with 7,860 deaths.

The number of deaths decreased to 6,168 in February, and fell again as of March 2021 to 3,340 deaths.

This is inversely proportional to the situation in Brazil. According to Wiku, there was an 75.84% increase in Covid-19 deaths, from 1,275 to 2,242 deaths in Brazil.

During the same period, Covid-19 deaths in India increased by 130%, and in Italy there was an increase of 35% in Covid related deaths.

Wiku said that the trend of Covid-19 deaths in Indonesia compared to Brazil, Italy and India was the result of the implementation of micro-scale Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

“The implementation of micro PPKM intervention in 15 provinces has protected Indonesia from further developments of Covid-19, including cases of death,” he said.

Based on data from the Covid-19 Task Force, there have been 1,482,559 confirmed cases in Indonesia as of Thursday (25/3). Of that number, 1,317,199 people have recovered, 125,279 people are still undergoing treatment in hospitals and independent isolation, while 40,081 have died.

Author: HL

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