Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA), Kulon Progo, is one of the four airports that will be used as testing locations for the GeNose c19 Covid-19 detection tool starting April 1.

The four airports are Yogyakarta International Airport, Surabaya Juanda Airport, Palembang Sultan Mahmud Badarudin Airport and Bandung Husein Sastranegara Airport.

The head of the Genose C19 development team, Kuwat Triyono, said that his team was ready to start trials for the Covid-19 inspection service using GeNose C19 at the airports.

“We are ready and we must be ready,” said Kuwat in a written statement on Tuesday (30/3).

According to Kuwat, there is no difference between the Covid-19 and GeNose C19 inspection services at airports or at the stations.

Meanwhile, regarding the GeNose inspection rules for passengers at the airport, his team was still waiting for official regulations from the Ministry of Transportation and also the Covid-19 Task Force.

“Hopefully in two days it will be out. Meanwhile, the amount will be adjusted to the number of visitors at the airport, “he said.

In his calculations, each airport can use at least 8-10 units of GeNose. In one day, one GeNose tool can check about 250 people.

“If there are 10 units, then they check around 2,500 people a day,” he said.

In anticipation of queues, he advised passengers to come for an early check.

Regarding the production of Genose, up to now 3,000 GeNose units have been produced.

For institutions that place orders such as educational institutions, schools, offices and hotels, the demand for GeNose by August will reach 50,000 units.

However, GeNose’s current production capacity at UGM is capable of producing up to 15,000 units per month.

“There is not yet requests from abroad, in the future we will continue to develop artificial intelligence in GeNose C19,” he said.

The team also continues to innovate the ability of these tools to detect a mutated coronavirus.

“We will continue to develop their abilities,” he concluded.

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