Covid-19 vaccinations have officially started and will be gradually provided to the entire community. The question often arises: how do you know how much your body’s immunity has developed to fight COVID-19 after vaccination? To answer this, there is now a new testing innovation, namely a quantitative serologic test, which aims to measure a person’s antibody levels (titer) against Covid-19.

Using the immunoassay method

The quantitative serologic test uses the immunoassay method to determine the quantitative value of antibody titers against the Covid-19 Spike-Receptor Binding Domain (S-RBD) protein in human blood. This method will help provide a person’s antibody value results accurately so that they may learn about their body’s immune response to Covid-19.

Not for screening or diagnosis

This test is a type of immunological test that evaluates the Covid-19 antibody titer in a person’s body, either after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine or after exposure to Covid-19. The test measures a person’s antibody titer against Covid-19 in u/mL units, and therefore is useful in assessing a person’s humoral immune response or antibodies against Covid-19, after Covid-19 infection or after vaccination.

Vein sampling

Quantitative serologic testing uses venous blood as samples, with approximately 120 minutes processing time.

Quantitative serologic testing is recommended to be carried out a month after being infected with Covid-19 or a month after completing Covid-19 vaccinations. If you wish to continue to monitor the development of your antibody titer after both conditions, you can repeat the test again every 3-6 months.

Available at BIMC Hospitals

BIMC Hospitals provides quantitative serologic testing for the general public starting February 12, 2021. The test includes doctor consultations and a test result certificate. Once the test is complete, you will receive your test result in your email for your convenience.

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