The Bali Traffic Police Directorate (Ditlantas) is preparing blocking posts on the customary routes for the Lebaran 2021 homecoming ban. It was announced to the public that the government has imposed a ban on Eid homecoming in 2021 to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Dirlantas Polda Bali Kombes Pol Indra stated that the Bali Police Ditlantas is preparing blocking posts at 5 common points

for homecoming routes in Bali “Later there will be blockages spread across five points, both from the direction of the Gilimanuk Port to Java and via Padangbai to NTB,” said Dirlantas Polda Bali Kombes Pol Indra in his official statement on Monday (12/4). Indra also said that the police will not only supervise the homecoming routes between provinces but also between cities. The Bali Police Ditlantas will tighten security at points that are often used as alternative routes for homecoming between cities. Not only involving all the Police Force, Indra admitted that he has collaborated with Pecalang, the Balinese traditional security units, to secure these alternative routes.

“(Travelers will be) Asked to make a U-turn (if they are found in violation). The problem is that at Gilimanuk Port, we are asking travelers to make a U-turn unless they can show all official permits and documents,” Indra added. from the official statement of the Bali Police Dirlantas, here are 5 main points of the 2021 homecoming blocking posts in the province of Bali. Simpang Tiga Umanyar, Denpasar Simpang Tiga Megati, Tabanan Gilimanuk Harbor Simpang Empat Masceti, Gianyar Simpang Empat Padangbai and Karangasem.

Author: HL

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