Secretary General of the Indonesian Hospital Association (Persi) Lia G Partakusuma said a number of hospitals in various provinces have reported an increase in Covid-19 cases after the Eid/ Lebaran holiday.

In the Aceh and West Sulawesi provinces, Covid-19 cases have increased by more than 50%.

In North Kalimantan, West Kalimantan and Riau, Covid-19 cases have increased by 25 to 50%.

Covid-19 cases in Bangka Belitung, Riau Islands, West Sumatra, and Jambi have increased by 10 to 24%.

“There has been an increase just under 10% in Bengkulu, Yogyakarta, South Sumatra,” Partakusuma said in a virtual discussion.

Lia explained that about 80% of patients were without symptoms and did not need treatment.

However, 20% of the patients required treatment due to experiencing mild, moderate, or severe symptoms.

“5% of them required special care. If the number of confirmed cases increases, it can be ascertained that the number of people requiring treatment will also increase. This is an indicator,” said Partakusuma.

The increase in the number of active Covid-19 cases has always been accompanied by an increase in bed occupancy rates in hospitals (BOR).

In anticipation of a spike in Covid-19 cases, hospital representatives continue to coordinate with the Ministry of Health regarding the readiness of rooms and beds in the event of a surge in active cases after the Eid holiday.

“Occupancy rates are currently around 30% with an additon of around 4,000 cases per day. If it continues to increase to 7,000-8,000 (added cases per day) that’s a concern, especially if it happens within a short time frame,” said Partakusuma.

Author: HL

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