Bali’s mangroves are undergoing a plastic apocalypse and the protectors of Bali’s rivers, Sungai Watch are working hard to clean it up. Sungai Watch is a community river cleanup organization with the mission of protecting Indonesia’s waterways, with a current focus on Bali.

Up to 22 hectares of mangroves on the coastal areas from Nusa Dua to Sanur are drowning in plastics and if nothing is done to remedy this, an environmental disaster is sure to occur.

In recognition of World Environment Day, the full Sungai Watch team is continuing their mission, by strategically placing trash barriers on every stream flowing to these mangroves on this mass cleanup as well as attempting to recover as much plastic as possible.

Sungai Watch are encouraging as many volunteers as possible to join the mission to fully clean this disaster up. The Sungai Watch team, along with 55 people hired from the local community are currently responding, but more help is needed. Volunteers, tools (including boots/ gloves) or any donations via their KitaBisa platform will go a long way to tackling this catastrophe.

If you are in Bali or a Bali business that would like to join the cleanup efforts with your team this coming week – there will be 3 scheduled shifts a day for volunteers to come and help.

Shift A – 9-11am

Shift B – 1-3pm

Shift C – 3-5pm

Please contact Nola at +62 811-3960-3131 to coordinate best times to join the cleanup efforts as well as ensure there are enough boots and gloves.

If you can’t come in person and would like to donate, your donations will be of great help towards restoring these beautiful mangroves –

Or via PayPal



Author: HL

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