The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is preparing a full-dose COVID-19 vaccine tour package for tourists who want to travel to various destinations in Indonesia.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said in Jakarta on Tuesday (8/6), that his team are preparing this program and would launch it in the near future.

“Vaccine tourism is a necessity in the scope of tourism and the creative economy. We can confirm that the vaccine is free for Indonesian citizens, which we can confirm with the tour package,” said Uno, as quoted from ANTARA.

Uno revealed that the COVID-19 vaccine tour package scheme could start with the first dose of vaccination before departure to the tourist destinations.

Furthermore, tourists can enjoy a 14-day vacation in certain tourist destinations, then receive a second dose of the vaccination before returning home.

“I hope this can improve the economy in the tourism and creative economy sector,” he said.

Uno also said that he would provide several alternative tour packages to various destinations to increase the choices available.

This is expected to encourage Indonesian citizens to travel within Indonesia, rather than having to vacation abroad.

Currently, a number of countries are promoting their tourism with COVID-19 vaccination packages to boost the economy in the tourism sector.

With the COVID-19 vaccine tourism in Indonesia, it is hoped that people will prefer vaccine tourism domestically, while restoring the economy in the tourism sector.

Author: HL

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