New Covid-19 cases occurring on Thursday (10/6) was the highest increase in the last three months.

Yesterday, Indonesia’s Covid-19 cases reached 8,892 cases in a day. The last time new cases passed 8,000 cases per day occurred on February 26.

On Wednesday (9/6) the number of COVID-19 cases reached 7,725 new cases for the first time in the last three months. This is reminiscent of the Covid-19 Task Force’s statement which stated that if the number of new cases reached more than 7,000, then Indonesia would be experiencing a new spike or could be considered as a second wave.

The highest addition of new cases in Indonesia occurred on January 30, 2021 with 14,518 cases in a day. The Task Force then said that the first wave could be confirmed if there was consistency in the addition of new daily cases which amounted to half of the 14,000 or approximately 7,000 cases in a day.

Tracking Sector member of the Covid-19 Task Force Masdalina Pane explained that based on the World Health Organization (WHO) reference, a country is said to have reached the peak of the first wave of the pandemic if they managed to consistently reduce cases for 3-5 weeks. With a record of decreasing cases, the number must be half of the highest number of cases.

He then gave an example of the development of cases in Indonesia. Masdalina said that if the development of Indonesia’s Covid-19 cases began to consistently produce 7,000 new cases a day for 3-5 weeks, then Indonesia was said to have reached the first wave.

If a spike occurred after that, then Indonesia can be confirmed to have entered the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Indonesia has managed to get below 7,000 daily cases for 14 weeks.

Author: HL

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