After two days of the implementation of the emergency Java-Bali Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) starting July 3, the Indonesian Government announced tightening conditions for international travelers to enter the country.

The addition requirements for international travelers, both foreign citizens (WNA) and Indonesian citizens (WNI) was announced by the Head of the Covid-19 Task Force Ganip Warsito in a virtual press conference on Sunday (4/7).

Ganip said the addition of these requirements was detailed in the addendum to the Circular Letter of the Covid-19 Task Force Number 8 of 2021 concerning International Travel Health Protocols during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“We understand the prevailing factors, that there has been an increase in Covid-19 and other new variants. There needs to be a government response to add special provisions for international travelers entering Indonesia,” said Ganip in a virtual press conference on Sunday (4/7).

Based on the circular, foreigners wishing to enter Indonesia must have received a complete dose of Covid-19 vaccine with proof in the form of a Covid-19 vaccination card or certificate.

Requirements to show a Covid-19 vaccine certificate is exempted for foreigners holding diplomatic and work visas for the purposes of official visits at ministerial level and above.

Foreigners wishing to enter Indonesia must also prove themselves to be free of Covid-19 as evidenced by a negative Covid-19 letter from a PCR test result taken within a maximum of 72 hours.

After the documents are verified, the foreigner must immediately undergo a PCR swab test at the airport.

If the result is positive, then there will be further inspection by health workers on duty. If the PCR result is negative, the foreigner must self-isolate for 8 days.

Ganip said foreigners including foreign diplomats, heads of foreign embassies/ consulates and their families must undergo isolation in locations certified by the Ministry of Health at their own expense.

Foreign diplomats and their families who live in Indonesia can self-isolate for 8 days.

“In the case of head foreign representatives and families serving in Indonesia, they can self-isolate for 8×24 hours,” said Ganip.

On the 7th day of self-isolation, foreigners will conduct a second PCR swab test. If the swab result is negative, travelers can continue their journey in Indonesia with strict health protocols.

“But we urge you to continue to self-quarantine for 14 days,” said Ganip.

Indonesian international travelers also must complete several requirements to enter Indonesia.

Indonesian citizens must have a negative Covid-19 test result from a PCR examination from the country of origin taken within a maximum of 3 x 24 hours.

The difference in requirements is related to status of the (traveler’s) Covid-19 vaccination. Indonesian citizens who have not received the vaccine from their country of origin will receive the vaccine in Indonesia after 8 days of self-isolation and have been declared negative for Covid-19 from the results of the second PCR test.

Only migrant workers, students, university students, and government employees who return from official overseas trips will receive accommodation in self-isolation from the government.

Indonesian citizens traveling internationally outside these criteria must undergo self-isolation at their own expense.

“All international travelers, including Indonesian citizens and foreigners, must comply with these requirements,” said Ganip.

Author: HL

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