As of Thursday (8/7), daily confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus in Indonesia overtook India and again rose to the second largest total in the world.

According to data presented by Worldometer on Friday (9/7), new daily Covid-19 infection cases in Indonesia yesterday increased by 38,391. This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia to 2,417,788.

Of this total, 1,994,573 cases were declared recovered (+21,185) and 63,760 deaths recorded (+852).

The number of daily Covid-19 cases in Indonesia yesterday overtook India.

India yesterday recorded an increase of 34,443 new Covid-19 cases. Total Covid-19 cases in the country have now reached 30,743,013.

The number of official Covid-19 deaths in Indonesia yesterday also surpassed India.

India yesterday recorded the 470 new deaths from Covid-19, raising the total death toll since the beginning of the pandemic to 405,527.

Yesterday, Covid-19 recoveries in India surpassed Indonesia, with 35,385 people recovering. This brings the total number of recovered patients in the country to 29,871,850.

Meanwhile, Brazil recorded the largest daily increase of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the world yesterday, with 53,725 people. This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases in the Samba Nation to 18,962,762.

The death toll from Covid-19 in Brazil yesterday was also the highest in the world, with 1,568 deaths. The official death toll in the country since the start of the pandemic reached 530,179.

No increase in recoveries was reported in Brazil yesterday, with the official number of recoveries remaining at 17,352,670.

Author: HL

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