Singapore has again tightened the activities of its citizens by returning their citizens’ health measures to levels just below Phase 2 (high alert). Singapore’s Ministry of Health said the move was made in line with the recent increase in cases of Covid-19 transmission in the country.

The Ministry of Health said the increase in cases was very concerning. The increase occurred mainly due to the emergence of clusters at the Jurong Fishing Port.

Singapore reported that our of 182 new locally transmitted Covid-19 infections as of Tuesday July 20, 135 were linked to the Jurong Fishing Port cluster.

Meanwhile, 12 other infections were tracked to the recent KTV cluster. The new Jurong cases makes it the largest active cluster in Singapore, with a total of 314 cases.

The Ministry of a Health stated that the cases in the Jurong cluster are different from the KTV cluster which only targeted young people. The Jurong Fishing Port cluster could affect the wider community, including the elderly.

“This is very concerning, as it can affect many people in our community across the island. Due to this problem, the number of cases of infection is likely to rise sharply. Many of our people will be infected with this virus,” said Singapore’s Ministry of Health in a press release as quoted by Channel News. Asia on Tuesday (20/7).

Reuters stated that the tightening of community activities in Singapore will be implemented starting on Thursday (22/7). The restrictions will take effect over the next month and will be evaluated every two weeks.

With this tightening, the government has again banned residents from dining in restaurants and cafes.

In addition, the government also has prohibited meetings attended by more than two people.

Data from the Singapore Ministry of Health shows that new domestic cases of the coronavirus have increased recently. Between July 12 and July 18, an average of 46 new cases were detected per day in the community.

These cases are the highest since April 2020.

Author: HL

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