A total of 33 districts/cities on the islands of Java and Bali were downgraded to level 3 in the Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) now extended until August 2, 2021.

The 33 regions previously had level 4 status. Referring to the Instructions of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) # 24 of 2021, a number of restrictions in these 33 regions have been relaxed.

Some of the concessions include opening places of worship, such as mosques, churches, and monasteries; supermarket/grocery markets may open until 20:00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB) or 21:00 Central Indonesia Time (WITA) in Bali. Markets selling goods other than basic necessities may operate until 15:00 WIB.

Small businesses, such as barbershops, laundry services, small workshops, car washes, and similar businesses may open until 21:00 Bali time.

Food stalls are allowed to open at a maximum capacity of 25% of regular limits with a maximum meal time of 30 minutes. These dining regulations do not apply to places to eat located in building areas such as malls.

Shopping centers in PPKM level 3 areas may operate until 17:00 WIB. The government has also begun to allow receptions with a maximum capacity of 20 invited guests.

The following is a list of regions that have officially been declared PPKM Level 3 status in Java and Bali as of today, Monday (26/7) and in place until August 2, 2021:


1. Serang District
2. Lebak Regency
3. Pandeglang Regency

West Java

4. Sukabumi Regency
5. Subang Regency
6. Pangandaran Regency
7. Majalengka Regency
8. Kuningan Regency
9. Indramayu Regency
10. Garut Regency
11. Cirebon Regency
12. Cianjur Regency
13. Ciamis Regency
14. Tasikmalaya Regency

Central Java

15. Purbalingga Regency
16. Pekalongan Regency
17. Magelang Regency
18. Cilacap Regency
19. Brebes Regency
20. Boyolali Regency
21. Blora Kabupaten Regency
22. Pemalang Regency
23. Grobogan District

East Java

24. Sampang Regency
25. Pasuruan Regency
26. Pamekasan Regency
27. Pacitan Regency
28. Kediri Regency
29. Sumenep Regency
30. Probolinggo Regency


31. Jembrana Regency
32. Bangli Regency
33. Karangasem Regency

Author: HL

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