Mana Kitchen is an organic, probiotic, life-nourishing restaurant. Our aim is to awaken our body, mind and soul through the perfect combination of probiotic Japanese seasonings and lifeful ingredients in tasty Indonesian flair.

You are what you eat. Food is medicine in itself. Our aim is to provide food that maximizes human potential and sustains lives for generations. This is important because so much of the food that we consume nowadays is essentially lifeless and nutrition-less. White rice grains won’t sprout if you plant them. The majority of rice consumed in Indonesia is green-revolution rice, which yields large volumes but dilutes the nutrition content.

At Mana, our menu was designed by chef Yasuhiro Higa, an expert in macrobiotic cooking and food-as-medicine. The nutrition inherent in the food is amplified using fermented seasonings such as miso, shio-koji (probiotic salt), and amazake (fermented rice). Food waste is composted and used in our permaculture garden, and thus completing the circle of life.

Mana Kitchen is run by an award winning NGO, Earth Company, an impact-driven social enterprise that offers transformational support to change-makers in the Asia Pacific region, delivers inspiring educational programs, and provides professional consulting services. Mana is Earth Company’s most recent social business that is a manifestation of the organization’s philosophy: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.”

Profits are reinvested to support and nurture inspiring changemakers across Asia Pacific region, namely via the Impact Hero program. In addition, Mana Earthly Paradise employs 40% of its staff from neighboring villages to ensure connection and contribution to the local economy.

Mana Market: A conscious store showcasing Indonesian eco-friendly products

Mana Market is an “earthly” store – meaning we are good for Mother Earth and all lives on it. Mana Market aims to be a truly circular business where “The more you buy, the better the world will become.”

Varying from organic vegetables to personal care products, we sell carefully vetted items that fit our

five concepts:

  • Organic
  • Ecological
  • Socially minded
  • Local
  • Reduced plastic

Mana Earthly Paradise

Jalan Raya Sayan Banjar Emas, Gang Emas Sayan Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 80571

T: +62 361 908 7788 | WhatsApp: +62 811 380 9788


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