The average bed occupancy rate (BOR) for isolation services in Covid-19 referral hospitals for infected patients in Indonesia currently sits at 54.41%, while the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are at 60% capacity.

These rates are below but near the threshold for hospital BOR set by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is 60%. However, this number is the average of 34 provinces. If each province is broken down, there are provinces whose hospital occupancy exceeds 80% or categorized as in a red zone.

As of August 8, according to the Ministry of Health’s data report, it was noted that for isolation services in Covid-19 hospitals, there were 15 provinces listed in the yellow zone category (60-80% occupancy), while the rest were in the green zone category with occupancy rates below 60%.

The data reveals that isolation hospitals occupancy on the island of Java is trending downwards, with only the Special District of Yogyakarta and East Java in the yellow zone classification, while the other four provinces are in the green zone. For ICU services, all provinces on the island of Java are in the yellow zone classification.

When examining the overall data, Covid-19 hospital occupancy in Java is trending downwards, while the opposite is true outside Java.

For Covid-19 ICU services, four provinces are still included in the red zone classification. The four provinces are all in Sumatra and Sulawesi.

The highest ICU BOR was recorded in Gorontalo with an occupancy rate of 91%. Of the 45 Covid-19 ICU rooms available in Gorontalo, 41 of them are occupied.

In West Sumatra, ICU occupancy reached 84%. Of the 211 available beds, 179 of them were in use. South Sumatra is in third place with 81% occupancy. 145 ICU beds are in use out of a capacity of 182 beds.

The province remaining in the red zone classification for Covid-19 ICU is Riau. As of August 8, ICU occupancy in Riau reached 80%. Of the 249 ICU beds available, 198 of them are in use for the treatment of moderate-to-severe Covid-19 patients.

The Directorate General of Health Services of the Ministry of Health previously stipulated that if a hospital entered the red zone or the BOR was above 80%, the hospital had to convert a minimum of 40% of inpatient beds for Covid-19 patients, and convert a minimum of 25% inpatient rooms into ICU rooms.

For the yellow zone classifications (BOR above 60-80), hospitals are asked to convert at least 30% of inpatient beds for Covid-19 treatment, as well as convert at least 15% inpatient rooms into ICUs rooms.

For green zone classification (BOR below 60%), hospitals must convert a minimum of 20% of inpatient beds for Covid-19 treatment, and convert a minimum of 10% of inpatient rooms into ICU rooms.

Author: HL

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