Thousands of residents in the Friesland district of Germany have been asked to repeat their Covid-19 vaccinations because a Red Cross nurse has been suspected of injecting them with saline solution.

As reported by Reuters on Thursday (12/8), German police have recommended that residents of Friesland who are suspected to have been injected with fake vaccine immediately re-register for vaccination. According to local authorities, the incident occurred in April.

“I am very surprised by this,” Friesland City Council member Sven Ambrosy said in a Facebook post.

According to Ambrosy, the local government asked about 8,600 residents to repeat their Covid-19 vaccinations at the local vaccination center, located on the north coast of Germany.

Most of the local residents who are suspected to have been injected with the saline solution from March to April were elderly, a vulnerable group if exposed to Covid-19.

Local police investigator Peter Beer stated that the incident is of major concern, despite the injected saline solution is not harmful to the body.

Beer said he could not disclose the nurse’s motive and her identity is being withheld. However, when investigators investigated the nurse’s background, they discovered that the 40 year old woman had been sharing “corona-critical information” on social media and criticizing the government’s restrictions aimed at curbing the virus’s spread.

To date, it has not been reported whether the police have detained any suspects, pressed charges or have just questioned the nurse. More witnesses are being questioned. According to the police report, the case has been assigned to a special investigative unit that handles cases of crimes with political motives.

Author: HL

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