The Badung Regency Government through the Public Health Department along with Mangusada Hospital have commenced vaccinating pregnant women. The first vaccinations were carried out at the RSD Mangusada Hospital, Kapal, on Thursday (19/8/2021).

The vaccination program is being directly managed by the Secretary of the Badung Regency I Wayan Adi Arnawa, accompanied by the Head of the District Health Office, Dr. I Nyoman Gunarta and Director of Mangusada Hospital Dr. I Ketut Japa.

After reviewing vaccinations, Adi Arnawa stated that starting this Thursday, the Badung Regency Government and Indonesian central government have begun carrying out vaccinations for pregnant women. 100 pregnant women are targeted for vaccination daily.

“For the first day, we are targeting 100 pregnant women and this will be carried out gradually until all pregnant women in Badung are vaccinated,” Arnawa explained.

According to directives of the President of the Republic of Indonesia as well as instructions from the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment, Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of Health during a recent visit to Bali, vaccinations have been prioritized for those with comorbidities and pregnant women. The hope is that this will aid in decreasing confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Bali.

“This is in addition to the public obeying health protocols and participating in vaccination programs,” Arnawa added.

According to Dr. Sumardi SpOG, an obstetrician at Mangusada Hospital, it is preferable for pregnant women to receive the vaccine between 14 and 33 weeks of gestation, on the basis that at 14 weeks the fetus in the womb has begun to develop properly.

Referring to the guideline of 33 weeks, the intent is that the second vaccine will provide maximum benefit if received at least 2 weeks before delivery.

1,822 pregnant women are targeted for vaccination in Badung. The Moderna vaccine will be used in this program, due to it’s reported superior effectiveness compared to the Sinovac vaccine. However, reported uncomfortable side effects may be experienced for periods of up to 48 hours after vaccination.

“Pregnant women will receive two vaccines, with the second vaccine provided 28 days after the first,” Dr Sumardi explained. Outside of Mangusada Hospital, vaccinations for pregnant women will be carried out with a pick-up system in each sub-district according to a set schedule.

Author: HL

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