Produced from the pollen of organically grown plants, and without chemical miticides to treat the bees, our Tugu Kawisari Honey is 100% pure raw coffee blossom honey harvested from the oldest coffee plantation in Java. That’s what made our honey a real rarity and very difficult to harvest as the flowers of the coffee are opened only for a very short period of time for pollination. Our Coffee Honey is extracted only once a year when the coffee flowers bloom in around the mid-year, each time only for 1-2 days. During those days, the most fragrant scent spreads across the whole plantation, and thousands of bees busy themselves with making the most delicious coffee honey of the year.

Pure raw honey may naturally crystalize as it may contain small particles of bee pollen, especially when stored at low temperatures. Crystallized pure honey tastes rich and It is great as a spread.

Due to the high demands of this precious golden jar of goodness, we are now selling our Honey and other organic ethically grown products of The Tugu Kawisari Plantation from our website. Find our plethora of choices of 100% artisan grade Robusta and Arabica Coffees, freshly picked tea from the mountains of East Java, natural organic jams, or even our organic premium wellness products.

You can also find our products in the selected outlets and E-Commerce, here.


Tugu Kawisari Plantation

Pabrik Perkebunan Kopi, Cengkeh dan Sengon, Pkb. Sengon,

Ngadirenggo, Wlingi, Blitar, East Java 66184

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