Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin said as of Monday (23/8), the government had received around 130 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Of these, 90,270,274 doses have been injected.

“We have received 130 million (vaccine doses). As of yesterday, almost 91 million have been injected,” Sadikin said in a press conference broadcast on the Ministry of Health’s YouTube channel on Tuesday (24/8).

Sadikin said President Joko Widodo has asked him to provide updates on stock of Covid-19 vaccines on a regular basis.

According to Sadikin, of the 130 million vaccines received, as many as 116 million doses had been distributed to Indonesian regions. Approximately 8.1 million doses of the vaccine are still in transit.

Up to 5.3 million doses of vaccine are currently with the central government, currently in the packaging process. Sadikin said the vaccine that recently had been received could not be distributed immediately, and had to get a approval for use by the Food & Drug Agency (BPOM).

“About 5.3 million are with the central government. Some is in the process of redressing or repackaging; some we will hold as stock,” he said.

Sadikin asked the public and local governments not to worry about the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine stock for second dose injections in August and September. He confirmed that he would send additional vaccine stocks to a number of regions starting this week.

“The people of Indonesia and local governments don’t have to worry, we will definitely send vaccines to the regions this week and next week,” said Sadikin.

Sadikin said the government is scheduled to receive a total of 67.6 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine this month. A total of 12 million doses of vaccine arrived in the first week of August, 9.5 million doses in the second week, 12.5 million doses in the third week, 19.5 million in the fourth week, and 13 million doses in the fifth week.

“So, friends, look, in the next two weeks with 19 and 13 (million doses will arrive). Around 32 million will arrive during this period,” he said.

In September, around 80.7 million more doses of vaccine are scheduled to arrive.

A total of 23 million doses of vaccine produced by Bio Farma, 23 million doses of Sinovac, 19.3 million doses of vaccine from the Covax/Gavi Multilateral collaboration, 5.3 million doses of AstraZeneca, 7.1 million doses of Pfizer, and 500 thousand doses from bilateral grants are scheduled to arrive.

“I think September will be the point where we will receive the most vaccines,” he said.

The government continues to boost Covid-19 vaccinations to achieve the target of herd immunity. As of Monday (23/8), up to 57,779,716 people had received their first dose, while 32,046,224 people have received their second dose.

The allocation of the Covid-19 vaccine to a number of regions remains in the spotlight because vaccine stocks in the Java-Bali area is far higher than the stock of vaccines in areas outside the two islands.

Author: HL

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