Indonesia is among the world’s top coffee producer with its five regions that produces best variety coffee beans. However, Java is where some of the world’s finest coffee is grown hence the term ‘a cup of Java’ and with the growing appetite for coffee worldwide, the rise of Java coffee soon follows. Founded by the Tugu Group, the Tugu Kawisari Coffee were first introduced to the guests of the Tugu Hotels and its restaurants. Ever so popular with the guests, Tugu Kawisari Coffee is now available for purchase with just a click on its new website, or to be taken home from its shop in Canggu. Aiming to provide coffee lovers with the genuine taste of Java in a cup, Tugu Kawisari Coffee caters for both aspiring home brewers as well as for established dining venues.

Tugu Kawisari Coffee Plantation is located on the majestic slopes of Mt. Kelud near Blitar, East Java, approximately 1,000 meters above sea level. Encompassing nearly 900 hectares of lush fertile land and surrounded with thousands more hectares, 360 degrees view of protected forest, with waterfalls and rivers of crystal-clear mountain water flowing through veins across the coffee plantation and emerald green rice fields, the view is breath taking and the landscape is truly dramatic, to say the least. The organically-grown Robusta and Arabica benefits from the best soil condition and perfect altitude. The beans are then hand-sorted carefully, living up to the near zero- defects coffee beans reputation which has earned Tugu Kawisari Coffee the prestigious awards of agricultural products in AVPA Paris 2019 for its Medium Dark Robusta.

The award-wining Premium Java Robusta, is a medium-dark roast full-bodied with palates of earl grey, nuts, and the rich chocolaty taste that giving you a pleasant aftertaste. Passionate about serving the best cup of coffee, Tugu’s Kawisari Coffee has a wide range of varieties such as the traditional wood roasting version of its signature blends, Java Arabica Peaberry, as well as the world- wide famous premium Luwak Coffee, to name a few. Extending an exciting coffee journey, unique blends has been created to tickle the avid coffee drinker’s fancy. The Liquor Coffee line blends Arabica coffee beans with various premium liquor before roasting will give you elegant aromas and a smooth finish. Another special blend line marries coffee beans with spices such as thyme, vanilla, lemon basil, ginger, slow roasted to create a soothing cup.

More than just coffee, Tugu Kawisari Coffee comes with a range of edible organic goods that are sourced ethically from the same plantation as the coffee beans. From teas, honey, spreads, fresh fruity jams, to delectable chocolate truffles -all made with the concept of farm to table. Catching the creative vibe, products like Java Cocoa & Cashew spreads and Rosella Buds Tea are amongst the gems that can be find. Another must have is the golden, gleaming jar of Coffee Honey. Every year, the coffee flowers bloom around September or October, each time only for 1-2 days. During those days, the most fragrant scent spreads across the whole plantation, and thousands of bees busy themselves with making the most delicious coffee honey of the year.

Answering the constant requests, Tugu Kawisari Coffee launches its website, to enable people to get their beans quickly and simply, so that the home- baristas can brew that perfect cup of Java wherever they might be. For those residing in Bali, the Tugu Kawisari Coffee Shop has just opened its door for quick takeaways. Located adjacent to Hotel Tugu Bali the shop is filled with everything coffee and organic goods, that are all pantry staples. Online or offline, now there are no more wait for everyone to get their cup of Java.

About Tugu’s Kawisari Coffee

From one of the oldest coffee plantations in Java on the slopes of Mountain Kawi, we bring you the very finest Java Robusta & Arabica coffee, handpicked and roasted in the traditional Javanese way by the hundreds of women of the surrounding villages, as had been done through centuries. The Kawisari Coffee Plantation by Tugu Hotels & Restaurants sprawls over 850 hectares of lush emerald green slopes of Mount Kawi, founded by the Dutch colonial government in 1870. Kawisari coffee plantation located at 600-1,000 meters altitude in Wlingi, Blitar-East Java. The plantation produces mostly Robusta coffee with some fine Arabica Coffee, as well as organic produce all grown sustainably.

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