The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Bali has prepared 35 quarantine hotels for foreign tourists entering Bali.

The hotels that are being prepared range from 3 stars to 5 stars. “There are 35 hotels for the first phase. But 62 will follow,” said I Gusti Ngurah Rai Suryawijaya, Deputy Head of Culture, Environment and Public Relations at PHRI Bali in Denpasar, on Wednesday (6/10).

“So, it will be gradual. The first stage is 35, the second stage will include 62 more hotels which will be verified soon, depending on requirements,” he continued.

According to Suryawijaya, hotels in Bali are ready to accept foreign tourists arriving that will quarantine first. He said many hotels are competing to become designated quarantine hotels.

“But, there are consequences; if quarantine hotels are designated for foreign tourists, they must not be mixed with domestic tourists. They cannot accept guests outside of quarantine and may not mix as later if something happens it will be difficult to monitor,” he explained.

“And the hotels also have to issue quarantine packages, whether it’s 8 days initially. But, we expect it to be as short as 3 days eventually; a maximum of 5 days. Don’t make it too long,” he said.

Suryawijaya explained that if tourists stay in quarantine hotels for too long, their holiday time will run out, and it will affect the interest of foreign tourists visiting Bali.

“If they have spent too much time at the hotel, the interest of guests to visit will decrease, because we are competing with other countries, such as Turkey, Dubai, UAE, and they do not even quarantine. Even before they leave (their home country) they should have negative PCR test results and when they arrive in Turkey or Dubai with a negative test, they may immediately travel in that city,” he explained.

Hotels that are prepared to accept quarantining tourists vary from 3 to 5 star properties with rates for 8 days ranging from IDR 10 million to 25 million depending on hotel star rating.

“There are 4 stars and 5 stars; later we will have 3 stars and there will be no problem. This must be a choice of the guests, it can’t be a monopoly, this is a business. So, if you focus on several hotels, there is a tendency for social jealousy; don’t let that happen,” he said.

“I predict, for example, that a 3-star hotel can cost up to Rp. 10 million, a 4-star hotel to Rp. 15 million and a 5-star hotel can reach up to Rp. 20 to Rp. 25 million for 8 days. That includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and laundry. That’s a complete package and if necessary, include PCR testing,” concluded Suryawijaya.

Author: HL

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